Custom Threat Intelligence Solutions

Cyber-attacks have dramatically increased in severity and frequency in recent years, leading to major security breaches and hundreds of millions of customers’ data being compromised worldwide.

To operate within this ever evolving global threat environment, businesses must adapt their traditional security strategies to Quantitative Threat Intelligence to stay one step ahead.

Quantitative Threat Intelligence is the combination of three distinct keys. Machine Learning, Big Data, and proprietary Threat Intelligence Models. By quantifying over 10,000 data points Quantum Security is able to predict a data breach against an organization down to a percentage point at any given moment.

Quantum Security’s innovative approach to information security not only out performs traditional security strategies but also extends the amount of time an organization has to resolve its security issues. This is well beyond the current capabilities of security services and products being offered today.

Rather than reacting to attacks, Quantum Security’s Quantitative Threat Intelligence provides actionable intelligence which allows time to pro-actively identify threats against your organization and resolve them before an attack has been launched.

Quantum Security consultants are experts in the area of Intelligence-Based Threat Models, and are backed by their world-class security research and vast amount of security experience across a wide range of industries.

To discuss how Quantitative Threat Intelligence can be integrated into your organization, Contact Quantum Security for a Security Intelligence Strategy.

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