Penetration Testing

Spent all your time proofing your company but not sure if it’s good enough? Let Quantum Security test it for you!

Our consultants are trained industry professionals who are aware of what cyber-criminals look for when hacking a server. We can test how strong your security systems are so you can be assured that what you have in place is good enough to keep your data safe and secure. Businesses across the world come to us to have their websites and web facing networking equipment tested against the latest security vulnerabilities and application level exploits. We are proud to have developed in house many of our own penetration testing platforms and tools, which have given us a competitive edge over our competitors in discovery new ‘zeroday’ exploits. We have access to huge exploit databases and undisclosed private Proof of Concept (PoC) attack frameworks developed by some of the most skilled hackers in the world. We offer a wide range of both automated and manual security testing techniques for all computer platforms and mobile devices.

Speak to a consultant today about how we can run a penetration test for you.

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