Strategic Threat Hunting

Advanced threat actors are infiltrating and compromising today’s networks faster than existing information security defenses can defend against.

Utilizing our proprietary hunting technology, the Quantum Security Strategic Threat Hunting service provides you with industry leading security experts who will deep dive into your corporate network in order to identify malicious threat indicators and the potential presence of advanced persistent actors. Quantum’s Strategic Threat Hunting service is able to provide immediate value by using the latest threat intelligence to uncover advanced threats and even potential zero-day attacks that my have gone unnoticed by your current defenses and SOC.

Using Quantum, you can:

In those instances where malicious indicators or evidence of an attacker presence are found on your network, our expert consultants can help you respond with specific guidance on the appropriate response and remediations to contain and obliterate the security threat from your environment.

Strategic Threat Hunting Benefits Include:

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