Threat Profile

Are you a newly appointed CISO or organization feeling overwhelmed with your current security demands? What infrastructure area is your company facing the most exposure? Where is the biggest threat coming from based upon this?  External, Internal or Social?

Quantum Security’s Threat Profile will show your organization exactly where to focus your efforts and resources. Our industry leading security experts will spend a brief amount of time focusing on your companies External, Internal, and Social exposure in a single short-term engagement to provide the best value add while increasing your security posture.

The goal of the Quantum Security Threat Profile is to use both public and private online data sources along with closed data sources (internal network information) to build a concise “Threat Profile” of your current enterprise.  The “Threat Profile” allows us to determine the area most open to exposure and attack. Areas of focus our experts spend time on in a typical “Threat Profile” include.




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